album The Seventh Crown Frostmorner

Frostmorner The Seventh Crown


2021 - Rock, Metal, Gotico


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Descrizione a cura della band

A sudden flash tore through a blue sky
witnessing through the sands of time
the ritual that would make it the most powerful of all the Gods.
The queen bowed before the deities,
was surrounded by shadows, demons and sacred monsters
who took her spirit and forged it from all the creative forces of the world.

Raising up before the enemy forces,
her arms reached to the sky
unleashing all the forces of nature,
calling one of the seven most violent plagues
the kingdom has ever witnessed.

Mortals at her sight began to shiver,
soldiers fleeing everywhere, while
an army of demons at the service of Seth the destroyer,
inflicted atrocities and terror.
A voice echoed in the air: "war is looming," said a messenger to the queen,
the princess ordered the death of the crown.
In the hall of the throne everyone was amazed,
destiny will be the work of the Gods.

Much blood was shed, the sea turned red
the sky cried and the wind howled evil sounds,
the screams of the survivors torn apart by pain.
Death with its long fingers
played with the souls of the corpses,
the scream of despair echoed everywhere.

The stones of the temple were engraved with these deeds
remembering eternally
what the words of men could not tell: the fury of the Seventh Crown!


Frostmorner - Guitar, Bass, Drum, Synth, Texts, All Sounds and Arrangements

Cod.5111 - Vocal
From Sicilian Industrial Black Metal Band AL ARD

Deathfranote - Vocal

Recording at ChainRecordingStudio
Mix and Mastering by Daniele Cadente at Overtones Sound Studio


Copyright by Frostmorner
All Rights Reserved 2021 - International Copyright Secured

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