Funkin' Donuts - Remember My Name testo lyric


I have my friend hung on my back
I could not leave it behind
His slow, low voice will guide my through
Hear it sounding for you
Sitting at 5B you can’t see where it is leading you
You would run right now but you won’t
You don’t want to cry, is it blowing your mind?
What is like leaving your home?

Every soul you will meet and know
It will bring you together
Every soul you have seen and known
It will seem to slip away from you
And you so want them to know
That you’ll keep it together
But the one and only thing you want,
Is speaking…
But leave it aside

My body is getting tired of every smile becoming laugh
And we never have the time, no the time to stay with…

It’s not my shame
Is me finding the way
This is how I met the world
I’ll remember it as when
I discovered my name
And I found my one true home

Every soul you have met and known
Did it bring you together?
Every soul you had seen and known,
Did it really ever slip away?
And you so want them to know
That you kept it together
And the one thing that scared you most
Did it bring you down? Down?

You can ask for my name
Lost in the world
But remember, remember, remember my name
Gone away, gone away
I have spoken with my life
Anywhere and so many times
Yeah yeah yeah
It wanted me to go


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La canzone Remember My Name si trova nell'album In Case Of Emergency uscito nel 2014.

Copertina dell'album In Case Of Emergency, di Funkin' Donuts

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