Descrizione a cura della band

Goodfellas distribution and Willwork4funk are proud to present the homonymous debut EP of new Italian afro-funk formation Funky Mama, out October 21st on limited edition vinyl and via digital download. Honed through countless hours of improvisation and intense live sessions throughout Italy, the tight sound of this 6 piece outfit has been steadily gaining a following in the blossoming Italian funk scene. It was only a matter of time before the band decided to hit the studio to record some original material and in the Summer of 2012 they did just that. The result is “Funky Mama” EP, 4 entirely instrumental tracks of afro-inspired grooves, with which the group officially presents itself to the world.

The rhythms and melodies of “Funky Mama” compose the hypothetical soundtrack to an Italian B movie on organized crime, set in the southern Italian region of Puglia, where the band members come from, in the 70s. From the infectious horn lines of main title “Ottobre: Fuga dalla stazione centrale” (October: Escape from Central Station), to the jazz sensibility of “Evolution”, the Hammond-driven groove of “Pirro’s Shower” or the laidback funk of “You Can Dance”, the sounds on this EP tell a story of social unrest in one of the most beautiful yet troubled areas of Italy. Whether setting the mood for a frantic chase scene, a shootout, or a night in the disco, watch out for “Funky Mama” coming soon to a record store near you!


Attilio Errico Agnello, sax tenore

Carlo Gioia, sax contralto e sax baritono

Pietro Gioia, tromba

Davide Di Lecce, tastiere/synt./organo

Antonio Pirrò, basso

Andrea Del Vecchio, batteria/percussioni

Francesca Pergola, flauto traverso


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