Ghostheart Nebula - Denialist (feat. Therese Tofting) testo lyric


My guardian angel
My only guide
You never give up
You never left me

I tried so hard
I was so hopeless
This constant curse it’s everlasting

Drops on the window
Tears on my face
Words on a paper and the cold of this room

I’ve think about it
Infinite times
And many nights I prayed not to wake up

I made my decision
I’m writing this words
A cowardly goodbye
There is no other way

The enemy within
Has finally won his war

I refused
The life you gave me
I despised
Every moment

Mother please forgive me
You don’t deserved this additional pain
I should ask for your help
But this time it would have been so useless

There’s nothing left to say
And there’s nothing here for me to fight for
Time has come for me to leave
Don’t you cry now I’m ready for the grave


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La canzone Denialist (feat. Therese Tofting) si trova nell'album Reveries uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Reveries, di Ghostheart Nebula

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