Ghostheart Nebula - Elegy Of The Fall testo lyric


Faint and cadenced
The sound of the breath
A silent litany of a dying man

Still and feeble he waits for the end
A loving companion is holding his hand

So cold
Life is fading
A tear falls on
Livid fingers

A story written on this paper skin
Carved by years of struggle
Blood once warm slowly turns into
A river that flows in winter

As the beast rips him
As it consumes the time
Hope is crumbling

Keep smiling despite all
Hold on to every second

The man loses his form
As a dry leaf in the autumn of life

You don't know when the time will come
An istant that lasts a lifetime
You still look with a steady gaze
Until the clock stops ticking


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La canzone Elegy Of The Fall si trova nell'album Reveries uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Reveries, di Ghostheart Nebula

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