Giack Bazz

Descrizione a cura della band

"Between the beginning and the end, anything can happen. What will happen here is something I accurately chose. You’ll find that everything here is about cycles and that every circle has no end. Or rather, when something comes to an end, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is indeed the end of everything. New beginnings start from the ashes or shards of something shattered just to be rebuilt, stronger, taller, more durable. Just as flowers blooming over asphalt, or maggots feasting on a dead bird, life always finds a way to turn everything around and strive. And that is no macabre vision at all. It’s the essence of life, the fact that everything is temporary and destined to end which gives the whole thing its importance. That’s why we have both zeros and ones and an infinite number of possibilities in between: so we can either question everything, any possible action, and give importance to each and every second of our existence; or we can only care about where everything is going and what will be the end. Both ways, you’ll get to it, the only difference will be the value of the journey."


Copertina: Luca Puskin
Artwork: Fabio Politi
Back Vocals in "Time": Alice Barbolini
Written in my bedroom. Guitars, keyboards and vocals recorded with a laptop (yeah a laptop) in my holiday house in the alps in isolation, in my living room with good company and in milan with a good friend between the 17/02/2016 and the beginning of april.

A mia madre Elda.


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