Giancarlo Mici - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Like A Jazz Song



Testo della canzone

My life folds
like a jazz song
cos you never know what's gonna come
next in the refrain
my life flows
like a jazz song
and it never stays even to long
like in harmony

My life goes
following strange notes
It's the way that I want to perceive
feeling free, in key
so free, to leave

I love to go live in a jungle
all on my own
Or maybe on top of a mountain
be king be loved
Or by the sea
just you and me
who nows
what's gonna be

I love change
run away game
it's the spice of a musical life
let me be, agree

I love change oh yea
never the same oh yea
it's a melody part of my life
just like jazz
it moves
it grows
it grooves
oh yea

Lyrics by Natascia Maimone
Music by Giancarlo Mici
Copyright © 2011 Saint Production s.r.l.
All Rights Reserved

Album che contiene Like A Jazz Song

album 40 (CD) - Giancarlo Mici40 (CD)
2012 - Strumentale, Pop, Jazz Saint Production srl

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