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Descrizione Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoy it Less)

label: Sulatron
distributor: Cargo\Clear Spot

First vinyl-issue (500 copies.) comes on heavy, orange wax! (SOLD OUT)
Release date: 21/06/2013
psychedelic music with love from Sulatron records

Credits Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoy it Less)

Stefano Bazu Basurto: vocals, guitars, sitar, bouzouki, coral sitar
Saffo Fontana: organ, sinth, violin, vocals,
Paolo Detrji Basurto: bass
Stefano Betta: drums & percussion

Produced by Stefano Basurto and Giöbia.
Tracks 1,2,3,4,8,9 recorded at Sauna Recording Studios.
Tracks 5,6,7 recorded at Inside Outside Studio.
All recordings engineered by Andrea Cajelli, Elisabetta Bosina.
Mixed by Stefano Basurto

All songs written, arranged, performed by Giöbia,
except: track 6 written by Electric Prunes (Tucker-Mantz), track 8
written by Santana (Carabello-Escovedo-Rolie)
track 2,3,4,5 lyrics by Francesca Saracino.

The trippy coverdesign is made by Lulu Artwork!, the bassplayer of Electric Moon.
The mastering is done by krautrocklegend Eroc.

Testo della canzone

Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoy It Less)

(Annette Tucker / Nancie Mantz)

Queen bee you give so much honey
I'll never feel your sting
But is it true you can overdo
too much of a good thing
Once I could feel it baby
you had heart up to here
Now you wheel and deal it baby
when I'm holdin you near

Are You Lovin me More but enjoyin it less
Do you wanna say no while your tellin me yes... confess

I thought you were more than eager to march in my parade
But my mind is looking behind
I think you have strayed
Yeah I was too easy baby this I do regret
Cause you seem to like the gettin
when it's harder to get

Album che contiene Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoy it Less)

album Introducing night sound Giobia
Introducing night sound 2013 - Rock, Psichedelia

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