Giorgio Maggiore

2008 -


RADIOANIMA (radiosoul) is the fourth record within Giorgio Maggiore


As his third album, DENTRO AI TUOI SOGNI (into your

dreams), this work is almost completely instrumental.

The tracks are

ten, composed, entirely played, mixed, arranged and produced by Giorgio

Maggiore himself.

The first track is called RADIOANIMA, a medley

divided into three parts: TEMPESTE ELETTROMAGNETICHE (electromagnetical

storms) is a keyboards melody which seems to warn the listener that

something wrong could happen like a thunder coming fast; RADIOANIMA

(radiosoul) is a song with a psychedelic refrain which reminds of some

XTC song with lyrics against the crazy growth of economical human needs

and landscapes destruction; the third part is a sweet piano melody

which starts from the last long final note of RADIOANIMA song, it is

called ISOFREQUENZE (isofrequencies).

The second track is callled

LIBERI (free), it is a ballad with a shoegaze guitar ref…


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