Giovanni Ferrario Alliance

Giovanni Ferrario is a musician, author and producer, who contributed to the realization of an incredible number of albums in Italy and abroad, collaborating with artists such as PJ Harvey, John Parish, Morgan, Scisma, Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica, Guru Banana, Sepiatone, Hugo Race + True Spirit, and more.
Giovanni Ferrario started his career in the 80s with his first band, Views, then in the 90s he founded the band Micevice with whom he produced and recorded three albums between 1998 and 2004.
Under his name he has released Headquarter Delirium in 2008.
Since then Giovanni Ferrario has been mostly busy working as a producer, but writing in the meantime a number of songs recorded through the years in different studios. Some of those songs are part of Places Names Numbers, out in October 2016 via WWNBB.