Gli Sportivi - Go Back testo lyric


Spend your money on something you don't need
Doing nothing but feeding your greed

Spend your time just waiting to get old
And you think it's all under control

Waste your time doing something you've been told
And TV is your eye on the world

You've been hanging on strings like a puppet

You wanna go back, you wanna go back, you wanna
You wanto to go back

You realize you're a little too old now
What you've missed it will never come back

You should have started to think with your own head
Now you will never get your time back


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La canzone Go Back si trova nell'album Gimme Gimme Your Hand / Go Back uscito nel 2011.

Copertina dell'album Gimme Gimme Your Hand / Go Back, di Gli Sportivi

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