Gold Mass

2018 - Indie, Elettronica, Dark


This is Gold Mass: her music comes out from an emotional aptitude that allows her to strip bare deepest thoughts and all their vulnerability, channelled into a songwriting where everybody can recognize their own weaknesses without filters.
A music grounded on an undeniable contrast between a dark and restless fragility and an ironic, self-assured, sensual energy, which reflects the polyhedric nature of Gold Mass as her authentic trademark.…


Gold Mass debut album, released on June 14th 2019. Produced by Paul Savage (Mogwai, Arab Strap, Franz Ferdinand, The Delgados). Alessandro Baris drummer and multi instrumentalist. Recorded at Auroom recording studio. Mixed at Chem19 recording studio in Glasgow. Mastered at Mystery Room Mastering studio in USA. Artwork by Esteban Puzzuoli. Concept design by Vere Gagarin.


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