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Descrizione a cura della band

Wild Season è il primo EP della band. Disponibile solo nei digital stores, l'EP è stato selezionato da Prescription PR ( agenzia londinese di Brian Eno, Beck , ecc...) per una promozione in terra inglese, dove hanno esordito ufficialmente con un mini -tour di 3 date.

Music & Riots Magazine (UK): "There’s a new band in town and psychedelic power pop is what they do. Dave Tebaldi, Georgia Minelli and Luca Bagatti are childhood friends who started a band that we know know as Goldsmack in the single most beautiful and boring place on earth; that is the small village, situated in the gentle hills of northern Italy."
Dancing About Architecture: " So, not only a great set of songs but one that will plant everything from Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Joy Division and The Velvets themselves in the mind of the young pop picker and that can only be a good thing."
The VPME (UK) : "In an age when a lack stimulation seems almost impossible, boredom remains a singularly underrated ingredient in the artistic process. Of course, it’s how you channel that boredom that is important and Goldsmack have certainly used it as a positive. They’ve produced a rather wonderful debut EP, Wild Season, after striking a rich vein of creativity to extract five shiny nuggets of mystical psychedelic pop."
RockUnited (Uk ) : "It's soul strengthening material comprised of five tunes complicated yet simple enough in their own brilliance as to make them instant indie rock classics. Not a shred of the at times (too) lively accent of Italo artists and the compositions give you the alley scent and sounds of New York City rather than a small village in gentle hills of northern Italy."


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