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Testo della canzone

now a river can lacerate my brain
it's summertime
bravers in a hole, the rest will simply go
to buy some love
wait for the fool, eyes of a baby, you can't be bored
cause i need you and your
river of maybe

meanwhile you grow, and i sleep alone
waves will go where the river's born
it's time to show
what we can be but forget the lightform
ride the beast in my eye
beast in my eye
beast you're not kind
and sooner you think
the river comes
and while you wait
the river goes away

are we brave enough to stay
where the days begun
brave enough to lay
instead of keeping an axe in our brain

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album Fish Cannot Carry Guns - gornFish Cannot Carry Guns
2013 - Psichedelico, Pop, Acustico
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