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Testo della canzone

procrastinate the take
underrated fake brake growing on your shoulders
hiatus hernia for mate
block the will for revenge that goes over
over and over over and o

hope for redemption is dead
contraction time has come and the birth is coming
the anger will mutate
on a beautiful baby that kills the other
over and over over and o

you'd better run away
nemesis will win
and soon you'll disappear
in a no man'a land

revenge is done and you're clean
rules are broken on the floor and you are another
toothbrush of the soul it's allright
gives you a better look in front of yourself
over and over over and o

Album che contiene nemesis

album Fish Cannot Carry Guns - gorn
Fish Cannot Carry Guns 2013 - Psichedelico, Pop, Acustico

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