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Testo della canzone

i'm gettin' old and i miss the roll
i'm gonna find another way to keep
my life straight to the line
that i drew in the sand years ago
i want my soul instead of falling
into the hole of your timeless doll
it's only mine, it's only mine
it's only my fault to draw
a world without zoom

they said you'd better keep it for your own
to rule your life
they said you'd better keep it for your own
you'd better keep it inside your skull

i'm waiting for a life so far
from the way they think
i'm burnin' all the bridges
that link my way to their lifes
you know i can't wait anymore
and i've gotta be a walking dead
that comes to you to be a

lazy lightning on tha road
crazy fighting for an home
wasted phrases
empty bottle of rum

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album Fish Cannot Carry Guns - gornFish Cannot Carry Guns
2013 - Psichedelico, Pop, Acustico
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