Gotthard - Light in your eyes testo lyric


When you come over ,
Just gimme a sign
Sweep all your troubles
And leave em behind
There is so much we can do
And so little time
Wanna challenge your laughter
And everything will be fine

When you come down
To stay over
Your head knows you get no fool
When you cool down
To say love is not real
Baby I'll be ready for you

There's a light in your eyes
When the sun doesn't shine
Where do we go to be clear
When the light in your eyes
Falling back into fear
So tell me, tell me,
why don't you believe
Sometimes a smile
Is a promise for life
As soon as you're caught
There is no easy way out
But wherever you may roam
I'll be around
I can be all or nothing
The things that you never found


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La canzone Light in your eyes si trova nell'album Homerun uscito nel 2001.

Copertina dell'album Homerun, di Gotthard
Copertina dell'album Homerun, di Gotthard

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