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Descrizione a cura della band

Room 2’ is an energetic roller that rocks any dance, thanks to a continuous bassline assault that’s backed by vibrant stabs that shape the outer edges of the mix. Catchy percussion stirs up and polishes this solid production, supported by amazing ARP programming that treats the ears with a traditional perspective on melody. The kick in ‘Rinse’ disperses a steady but intriguing amount of punch, while futuristic grooves and a female vocal tweak this production to a higher level of euphoria. The pads that lead the way in ‘Feel’ slowly create a somewhat sexual experience that unfolds with class. The post-dubstep feel that radiates from the low end authenticates the production, fusing with mental drum hits that place the listener in the right slot of fixation. Graziano escorts the listener through a highly sensual experience with ‘Obstinate’; a track that reflects the roots of the Italian producers. This crossbreed of harsh hits and straightened out deep bass provoke a teasing maneuver that’s not for the faint-hearted. The dark twist in ‘Fuse’ is possibly the best way to define the final stage of such a diverse EP. The true nature of organics rage through this stepper and invade with a hypnotizing temper that is difficult to defeat. Anyone that dares to drop this on a rig will also be guaranteed to drop jaws on the dancefloor!


(words by FKOF)

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