Gulp! Dead are back Scarica e Ascolta

Gulp! Dead are back Scarica e Ascolta


Como, Lombardia



Descrizione Dead are back

The dead are comin' back to take their vengeance on those who killed 'em twice. Jesus’ comin' back to eat his bishops, to send 'em back to hell. Eat the flesh of fools, brain in the afternoon, drink the blood of fools when the moon is full, eat the flesh of fools untill the belly's full, drink the blood of fools, kill under the moon. The dead are comin'back, really angry, they are still hungry. Che's digesting a T-shirt seller man, Nietszche's crunching the leg of a nazi-skin. The dead are back, they won’t stay dead. Walkin’ ahead not very fast, so watch your back and check your neck, they need your head to stay undead.

Album che contiene Dead are back

album Tough on ears, Gentle on hands - Gulp!
Tough on ears, Gentle on hands 2010 - Rock, Punk, Metal

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