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U.F.O.s in front of me, what the fuck are this annoying things? Fluctuating in my eyes, they grow fast when I see white. I asked doctor if I'll survive and doctor said "You won't be blind" , I asked "Doctor, are you sure?", he said "I'm sorry, there's no cure!". Yeeeh my fly flies in my eyes. Since I was a little child these fuckin' steins were in my eyes. I thought "I'm a special guy, no one else got these in his eyes", ?till I've found a magazine that explained it's a common thing. All these floaters, fuckin' floaters, all these floaters, pleasin' floaters. If you know what's in my mind you surely have it in your eyes.


La canzone The floaters si trova nell'album Tough on ears, Gentle on hands uscito nel 2010.

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