Rutherfordium EP

Rutherfordium EP

Gustav Landin

2017 - Elettronica, IDM


Rutherfordium EP is the welcome back of Gustav Landin to music production.
Basically, it's a concept short opera, ironic and veiled by a touch of melancholy at the same time, inspired by famous controversy arisen in 1960s between USA and USSR laboratories and related to naming rights of some chemical elements discovered in those years. Known to the most under the name of Transfermium Wars, were those disputes exclusively querelles of paternity among scientists - like in our case the one between Rutherford and Kurchatov? Or, instead, they could also be imagined as authorship squabbles, typical of the nowadays frantic and egotic artistic era?
Written, Produced and Mixed by Luigi Stornelli aka Gustav Landin
Mastered by Lorenzo Nunziato at Tana della Scossa
Artwork by Studio Landin



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