Descrizione a cura della band

“Guns” is the 3IAC’s new creation: a clash of hip-house, electro and breakbeat ready to fill your ears, bags, dance floors! An absolute peak-time track with such an anthemic breakdown that will make everybody put your handz up in the air and skream!!!

“Guns” is part of an E.P. that Hello Shitty is proud to introduce. It also contains two outstanding remixes by the likes of KLAODELI and POLOSID. KLAODELI’s version mash the track through a French-distorted-funky tunnel while POLOSID’s mix goes in the deep deep water of house with his smooth and posh attitude. Every track is guaranteed to storm every different floor, makin' you beg for more and more! So open up your ears and get ready to shake that ass!


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