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Testo della canzone

By the scars upon my skin
Heaven calls my name
By the cold sweat and blood
God dances my tune
Blinding lies or truth...
What I'm really searching for
The sign of times
The sign of the cross
From bible to Babylon
We won't break this chain
Swimming as sharks in the holy fishbowl grail

Rulers of the pain
Act on High's command
Spreading the venom of the Old Testament
Keepers of the world
We build upon this world
High walls to hide
Light behind a cry
Take this sacrifice
Pipers leads his mice
Beneath a blood rain
Sins we fade away


Slave you save your soul
Chains to the flesh an bones
Slave you save your soul
Burning confessions for burning desires
Redemption is coming in a raped angel disguise

By the tongue of the prophets
The world's still alive
The wounds on my shoulder
The light of divine
Get away from my hands
This Chalice of agony
Thy will be done
On earth and abyss pain will be shown
Castigation is the only way


Album che contiene Opus Die

album Silver Bullet - hideweaverSilver Bullet
2012 - Progressive, Metal, Hard Rock
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