hideweaver - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics The same old song



Testo della canzone

How many times I walked to the sea
Our will's made of glass
How many times the waves told me to stay
Our dreams are made of dreams

Staring at the shore
Horizon seems so far
And the breath of tides now pushes me
down, down, down


Walking the same road
We're singing the same old song
"We won't change our hearts and souls"
Hell is on earth
We cannot fall apart
We're just links of the same chain

I'm drowning in cheap alibis
I have to face my fears
I can't say what I feel, what I need,
what I have become
Lost in the haze of years

Walking in the dark
A flashlight seems so bright
As a ray of sunlight hits the rain wet ground


Fire I know
Now walks by my side
No more runaways
no more fears to hide
We are so far from paradise
We're fallen angels
With broken wings to fly

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album Silver Bullet - hideweaverSilver Bullet
2012 - Progressive, Metal, Hard Rock
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