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More than a feeling here
More than a feeling now
I don’t want you to forget
This is not what we deserve
It’s not painless
It’s not as it should be
Mountains approaching
Sunsets we’ll not regret
More than a feeling here
More than a feeling now

Know what you’re hiding inside
With no tears left to cry
You need time to grow up stronger,
I just want you to shine
Do you remember that night walking
On the beach we were young
Just wanted to get out of here


Autori: Nicolò Bacalini, Alessio Beato, Lorenzo Renzi, Luca Torquati ⓒ 2020, Kobayashi Ⓟ 2020, Nufabric Records distribuito da Artist First


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La canzone Mountains si trova nell'album Anything uscito nel 2020 per NUFABRIC RECORDS, Artist First.

Copertina dell'album Anything, di Hiroshi
Copertina dell'album Anything, di Hiroshi

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