Things without Us

Things without Us

Hopeful Thing

2020 - Alternativo, Pop rock


A couple of words from Irene Shapes of the Hopeful Thing:

To the listener,

Creating "Things without Us" has been a fantastic experience and I am so lucky to work with not only musicians but real friends who share the same passion and taste.

All the songs are composed, arranged and produced by the band. I recorded, edited and mixed the album, and we have been composing, working, and playing all the time.

I hope you will enjoy the result of our hard work and will be pleased by the mood and the soundscapes of it.

Most of the raw ideas for our songs come from the tight musical relationship between my cousin Sandro and I. Usually, we create a draft of what the song is, we record guitars, vocals and synth/piano parts. Then, we meet with the guys at rehearsals. It is at this point that we add instruments to the arrangement, make some changes, and let the emotional impact of the live performance guide us as we complete the song.

I write the lyrics and most of the time the stories and concepts that I express come from a continuous exchange of ideas and interesting conversations that I have daily with my cousin. Many times, it is a book, or a discussion about philosophy or architecture, or a simple walk down to the river (as in “Rain”) which drives my intention.

The first songs were brought to life in a small room located in a very old building, an abandoned storehouse close to collapse in the far countryside of northeast Italy. It is a special place with a long history - the bands who played inside before we did, the energy that comes from within...

I believe there is something above our comprehension.

Something ineffable.

Sometimes, it would be said, it is like grasping something bigger, some sense which is expressed externally in its becoming music and gesture.

Well... maybe you can hear it, here, sometimes... hopefully...





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