Jens Hvalsang - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Strychnine in my rum



Testo della canzone

Oozin' some venom through sugar cane
I'm loaded to the gunwale again
and I won't stop no I'll run till the end
I like how it sinks
and adore how it chokes
I love how it floats
out of my porthole
and everythin' seems all be pleasin' me to death.

Will you meet me as I'm goin' to hell?
Will you swim with me among life's rubbish and smell?

Let's poison life
it comes better when it's spiced with grams of pain
ain't it nice?

Mixin' some heroin with cheap drinks
for I'm just seventy percent made of this
and that quenches me it fills and sails me
can't help laughin'
about the way all fuckin' hurts.

Will you meet me as I'm flyin' down?
Will you ever dance with this miserable clown?
Will you meet me there?

Album che contiene Strychnine in my rum

album Whale songs in the mountain lake - Jens HvalsangWhale songs in the mountain lake
2014 - Lo-Fi, Folk, Acustico Do It Yourself

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