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Descrizione a cura della band

The album opens with a dive.
A man falls into the deep sea and is surrounded only by the waves and the sudden silence. When his lungs start to become tired and sight slowly gets more and more blurred he is carried back in time, where forgotten memories rested for years. This metaphysic trip is a way to reflect on his past, the meaning of existence and self- awareness of being just a little seed in a boundless field.
In the end we discover that the protagonist of this tale committed suicide due to this sense of chocking that felt living the everyday life, but thanks to his latest considerations he understands how useless his act has been. As he finally passes over the only thing he can really hear (or ‘feel’) it’s the voice of his daughter; the only thing that could have really kept him going against adversities.
The meaning is radically subjective.

The eight tracks of the LP guide us through the story of our (intentionally) nameless protagonist. Major inspirations for the whole concept have been “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by american poet T.S. Eliot, but also the late works of James Joyce.

Musically the sounds proposed follow the plot: they start ethereal, far and crystallized (like memories reacquired only recently) but gradually become more ‘solid’ and anchored at the supposed reality. The atmosphere is generally mellow, deep , with noisy and chaotic touches here and there, symbolizing the state of confusion of a near death experience. Sonorities approach post-rock, shoegaze, anti-folk and electronic music.


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