album The Loss Of Wilderness ILUITEQ

ILUITEQ The Loss Of Wilderness


2021 - Elettronica, Ambient


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Descrizione a cura della band

Currently, there is a bleak outlook on global ecology. With glaciers melting at an alarming rate and wildfires decimating over 6 million acres of forest each year, it is clear we as a species are running out of time to rectify the destructive direction that our actions have seemingly expedited. Italian ambient duo ILUITEQ has composed their second album, aptly titled "The Loss of Wilderness", echoing our current ecological situation's sentiment. By way of meticulously crafted subterranean ambient utilizing guitars, piano, and a myriad of synthesis
techniques, the duo of Sergio Calzoni and Andrea Bellucci create arcadian movements in memory of landscapes destroyed by humanity's negligence. A strong yet bucolic statement.


Written and produced by Sergio Calzoni and Andrea Bellucci
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irrisari at Black Knoll Studio.
© ILUITEQ ℗ n5MD 2021. Published by n5Music (BMI)
Design by M.Cadoo. Cover photos by Paul Hockett / monkeyinfez.net

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