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In the backwoods there is a nice ghost who babbles
He tells a lot of good tales but
Nothing you can understand, he's
Very close to your ear,
hat's special
Because he can talk
Just for one day in a month
Here the Stammering Ghost

When he strolls on the Candy Bridge, he seems a stranger
Ooh, dawn is coming?

I know what you are
We'll never be apart
I love this lonesome town and
I'd like to entertain you

Elephants are Green Ants' best friends, you know that
Their trunks become into sleighs and
All around nothing but lakes, I'm a
God with my yellow'n'blue paints
Silver roses
Are light in my hands
As the sun burns the lands
As it doesn't make sense

Up the trees, seven miles away, there're some lotus
Ooh, they're singing a love song

Ooh baby, Sugar Flowers taste as good as you, that's true
Ooh baby, eyes are blue since we knew
See you in this cold afternoon
That makes me happy

Ooh baby, through your eyes I see mice (I cry, you smile)
Ooh baby, love you, what a surprise
That's right. I see you are not mine
That makes me happy

Come on, oh dear, turn me on all night long
(this is what I really, really wanna do)

All alone in a waste garden I knew her
Blossoms and trees smiled at me
I moved to a new place so real
I took a pill that is working like a drill
Yes, I'm not here
I'm where I can want
Just everything I want
Just whenever I want

Here I am, like an alien who is 'U' turning
Ooh, night is falling

I know what you are
We'll never be apart
I love this lonesome town and
I'd like to entertain you

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