Joe Black Group The beginning Ascolta

Joe Black Group The beginning Ascolta

Soul, Funk, Alternativo 

Leporano Taranto (TA), Puglia



Descrizione The beginning

Word: Nina Annicchiarico e Ilaria Fuggetti Music: Giovanni Orlando aka "Joe" I KNOW I’M LOOSING MY TIME WORKING HARD FOR A CAUSE THAT’S NOT MINE FOR A MAN THAT I DON’T ESTEEM SOMETHIMES I PRAY, I PRAY FOR A DREAM THERE’S A LIGHT THAT TEARS THE SKY THERE’S A LIGHT WICH BLINDS MY SIGHT IN A BREATH I CAN REALIZE THERE’S AN ANGEL HERE BY MY SIDE RIT. OH.. THERE’S A TIME FOR TOUR TRAIN TOO (non capisco cosa vuoi dire) OH.. YOU HAVE TO FEEL THE GROUND OH.. IT SHAKES UNDER YOUR FEET (shake da solo non si capisce; va bene anche: shakes) OH.. YOU CAN’T LET IT ESCAPE A RAY OF LIGHT BURNS INTO MY BREAST (se vuoi dire "è nato nel mio petto" potresti metterci: a ray of [light has / light’s] born into my breast; dipende dallo spazio che hai) IT QUICKLY CUTS MY THROAT AND MY MOUTH WHISPERS ARE DYING AND SLOWLY GOING DOWN A WHITE MAGIC, A COMMON DREAM IF YOU’LL KNOW JOE YOU’LL KNOW ME THE LUCKY TO MEET HIM (non mi è molto chiara; se è “sono stato fortunato a incontrarlo”, potresti mettere: how lucky to meet/meeting him) TO MATCH OUR SOULS MUSIC WINS THE SILENCE, I’M FREE BODY’S PARFUME AND FLOWERS I’LL SEE I WALK IN THE AIR, BELIEVE ME THE BEGINNING OF A DREAM….

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album FAITH - Joe Black Group
FAITH 2008 - Soul, Funk, Alternativo

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