Johnny on the Rise Don't worry love

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Descrizione Don't worry love

Lyrics: Well don?t you worry bout a thing now love We?re gonna figure it all out now love Don?t you no, don?t you go worry now love Can you tell me how we got to this? You try to play the fool, well you ain?t foolin? nobody talkin? bout how you live with cool manner explain away the past and your beau-coup habit Well, I see through you and all your bullshit This masquerade is over, can?t you see that? All?s forgiven, I?ll forget at the drop of a hat cause life?s so cruel when you ain?t got no room for two and you see all around you for what it is Chorus stay awake with me one more hour you try to give it up, well you gotta fight honey cause you?ll still crawl around in the middle of the night convincing yourself its not about the next hit right? Steppin round a fire ain?t gonna put it out babe. Chorus

Album che contiene Don't worry love

album Down South - Johnny on the Rise
Down South 2009 - Rock, Folk, Blues

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