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Descrizione John de Sadre

Lyrics: Rotting in a cell with a dark, grey view I did just what I had to do And what they say about me, baby, it?s true Well they fed me steak and eggs, not bad They say your last meal tend to make you sad baby, it?s the best I?ve ever had No one crosses John de Sadre And lives to tell the story later (I?m in / I?ve caused) a lot of trouble now but it was worth it anyhow If?n you should find yourself a traitor Beware the ghost of John de Sadre One last cigar, I take it with no shame I strike a match and put it to the flame As the fire of passion runs through my veins I let the ash fall all the way For what I?ve done, I?m not ashamed A poor man?s last tribute to his blame Chorus I take two steps, now three, now four By the chains they pull me fore? To show me what the devil has in store I take six steps, now seven, now eight It won?t be long, ain?t no use in waitin? Phone the devil, tell ?em don?t be late Chorus Blood on my hand, blood on my hands For now, I?ve taken my sweet revenge

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album Down South Johnny on the Rise
Down South 2009 - Rock, Folk, Blues

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