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Descrizione Ode to Love

Lyrics: Love is such a peculiar thing called love, and all the birds will sing of love, and all the bells will ring for you and me tonight can?t you see, this little four-letter word is changing history where it comes from, well it?s a mystery like a wave comes crashing down, like the moon it lifts us up to the stars above Love, I call out your name, and Love, I reach out to touch your face, but Love, you fly away, on the wings of a dove into the night Love, everyone?s talking about love, but she?s nowhere to be found, and love, here I am, take me up in your warm embrace tonight I want to sing an ode to love all night I want to sing an ode to love to you

Album che contiene Ode to Love

album Down South Johnny on the Rise
Down South 2009 - Rock, Folk, Blues

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