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The wind has brought me many things, and often the wind takes them away. It flies over sunflowers in September, It makes you laugh Makes you cry. The wind has told me many storys. The wind gave me storys to tell. It touches you gently with a breeze. Breaks your heart. Makes you wanna die. I was too young, but is was already too late. When I saw her, I fell in love straight away. Her hair was waving in the wind. Now it was over. Before we could begin. The wind taught me to be a patient man. It taught me as well to be as strong as I can. It made me say goodbye When I meant I love you I need you to be mine. The wind made me go to the sea. You can?t hide there, but you can be free. I tried to leave it all there But I thought to myself I don?t know if I dare. I tried to leave it all to the wind. My memories, my life and my sins. I tried real hard so hard that I fell The sins where stil mine. The wind was still there. I think she was my only love. I wanted to forget her with some help from above. In the end I don?t really care. Like the wind, either I?m gone or I?m there. Now there?s nothing I can do. But my love will stay with you. You can feel it in the wind.

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album Down South - Johnny on the Rise
Down South 2009 - Rock, Folk, Blues

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