Johnny on the Rise - Virginia 17


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Lyrics: Driving down Virginia 17 It was the most beautiful place I?d ever seen Saw a pretty girl, wanna make her my wife/bride Come to find out she?s only 17 I saw a lady to the left of me Driving around in a big ol? SUV Then I counted her chins, the number was 3 All along Virginia 17 I said to my dog Yeller, look at that sweet-pea She?s got the hair and nose like Charlie Sheen She?s getting off on exit 116 Driving to the Chick-fil-a drive-in I drove up to her and said jump in She answered me with a voice like Bruce Springsteen And smiled through that greasy chicken skin And told me that she?s only 17


La canzone Virginia 17 si trova nell'album Down South uscito nel 2009.

Copertina dell'album Down South, di Johnny on the Rise

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