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Descrizione Virginia 17

Lyrics: Driving down Virginia 17 It was the most beautiful place I?d ever seen Saw a pretty girl, wanna make her my wife/bride Come to find out she?s only 17 I saw a lady to the left of me Driving around in a big ol? SUV Then I counted her chins, the number was 3 All along Virginia 17 I said to my dog Yeller, look at that sweet-pea She?s got the hair and nose like Charlie Sheen She?s getting off on exit 116 Driving to the Chick-fil-a drive-in I drove up to her and said jump in She answered me with a voice like Bruce Springsteen And smiled through that greasy chicken skin And told me that she?s only 17

Album che contiene Virginia 17

album Down South - Johnny on the Rise
Down South 2009 - Rock, Folk, Blues

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