Julie's Haircut - Bonfire testo lyric


In quiet times we never
Learned to walk together In spirited times,
what’s better?
To temper one another
Or smile at the weather
And who built the ladder?
Who rocked the cradle?
Who caught the feathers?
We may come together
And walk upon the wire
And who broke the barriers?
Who stole the fire?
A chance to walk together
We may find a river
And walk upon the water
And soon we will gather
Underneath the temple
Who shall plan to settle?
Who will drain the barrels
We garner round the fire


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La canzone Bonfire si trova nell'album The Wildlife Variations EP uscito nel 2011 per La famosa etichetta Trovarobato, Woodworm.

Copertina dell'album The Wildlife Variations EP, di Julie's Haircut

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