Kaptain Preemo

2017 - Rock'n'roll, Psichedelia, Garage


Kaptain Preemo is a psychedelic garage rock project started by Luke Zammarchi, a singer and guitar player, together with bass player Frank Fedi. After a first period as a trio with Gabriele Pollina as a drummer and featuring an acid and sulphuric sound (in the wake of bands such as The Stooges, the Velvet Underground and The Sonics) crossed with psychedelic, blues and pop nuances and suggestions (following the path of bands like 13th Floor Elevators, Big Brother & the Holding Company and Donovan), our band saluted the arrival of Mek Spazio (formerly of Shinin' Shade fame) as a guitarist and of Sahira as a singer and a drummer, our band moved towards wider aural horizons and sounds, reaching its place in the neo-psychedelic milieu of bands such as Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Black Angels, all the while keeping its roots firmly planted in rock'n'roll.
The main themes our band deals with range from esoterism to counterculture, keeping psychedelic experiences as an endless engine for renewal.

Their first album is out now on vinyl and digital download for the italian indipendent label 'Retrovox Records', produced by american legend Gregory Manzo and the band themselves.


Kaptain Preemo è un progetto garage rock psichedelico avviato nel 2014 dal cantante e chitarrista Luke Zammarchi e dal bassista Frank Fedi. Iniziato come trio con il batterista Gabriele Pollina e caratterizzato da un sound acido e sulfureo (The Stooges, Velvet Underground, The Sonics) dalle venature psichedeliche, blues e pop (13th Floor Elevators, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Donovan), il complesso ha poi visto l'ingresso del chitarrista Mek Spazio (ex Shinin' Shade) e della cantante e batterista Sahira virando su un sound di maggior respiro che si colloca nell'ambiente neo-psichedelico di band quali Brian Jonestown Massacre e The Black Angels, con radici fermamente piantate nel rock 'n' roll. Le tematiche della band sono l'esoterismo, la controcultura e l'esperienza psichedelica quale motore di rinnovamento.

Il primo album è uscito il 24 novembre 2017 su vinile e in formato digitale per l'etichetta indipendente italiana 'Retrovox Records', prodotto dalla leggenda americana Gregory Manzo e la band stessa.



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