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Credits Angels

Musica e testo di Kevin Menegatti

Testo della canzone

Every day and every night
All the fucking glorious moments by your side
But one day will be no more
The silence will came into my world
Remember when I felt the love
I felt the breeze, I felt at home
Don’t wanna be old, want be a child forevermore
I need my angels

If I can rewind back in time
All the lacking badly memories of my life
It’s wrong I know, I’ll not be alone
But the fear is burning inside my soul
I hope to find, I hope to be
Almost strong that I can live
Don’t wanna be old, want be a child forevermore
I need my angels

And I will feel them all around me
And I will stay near by your side
Until the end of my days
Until to die into my dreams

My angels will sleep but will love them forever
Will love them until the end

Album che contiene Angels

album Feelings Kevin M.
Feelings 2015 - Rock, Pop, Blues Zimbalam

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