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Seeing everything across an horizon
a curious misterious mistery that bothers my mind
observing your bad life, discovering your faces
I don’t feel compassion and I’ll never change my opinion at you

With your present presence my dreams will be broken
the vicious circle, you know, for me is not important
fading away, out of the game that you play
defending me from the damage, from the damage that you do

With the experience you will pay, you’re walking again in the wrong way
learn to love the good things and to hate those wrong
if you have understood, in a future you will thank me
and soon you will be free, wonderful creature


Musica e testo di Kevin Menegatti


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La canzone Creature si trova nell'album Feelings uscito nel 2014 per Zimbalam.

Copertina dell'album Feelings, di Kevin M.
Copertina dell'album Feelings, di Kevin M.

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