Kind Of Burning - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Demon's Eye



Descrizione Demon's Eye

Deep Purple song

Testo della canzone

I don't mind just what you say
I never heard you, baby, never heard you anyway
I don't care what you do
Just so long as it ain't me and you

Sly, sly, like a demon's eye

Everything's good, I said, Everything's fine
You don't know, don't know it's the end of your time

How does it feel to be turned away?
I've known it, baby, almost every day

Sly, sly, like a demon's eye

I don't need you anymore
I don't want you, baby, hanging round my door
Slip and slide round my brain
You think you're so clever, yeah, but you know you're insane

Sly, sly, like a demon's eye...

Album che contiene Demon's Eye

album Kind Of Burning - Demon's Eye (Demo) - Kind Of BurningKind Of Burning - Demon's Eye (Demo)
2014 - Metal, Covers, Hard Rock
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