apocalyptic folk da Roma

Kleingott is a neofolk singer-songwriter project founded in Rome in late 2010.

Born as a game, it still keeps growing as such - but no one said it should die that way too. Nor is it true a game in music ought to sound cheerful and joyous. Far from it.

As for definitions, I love to call this apocalyptic folk, although it may not find agreement amongst the purists of the genre, and the many who would expect to find here a new mediterranean variant of Current 93. That is the definition I simply like and which makes the idea of the music I play, regardless of any pre-existing genres classification: what comes out from Kleingott, like it or not, is something resembling primarily what I am. That's all.

I'm Gerardo. Born in the early 80's in a small village in the Lucanian Apennine and lived there till the new millennium dawn, maybe I actually bring along that cosmic dualism between mountain and city, folk against punk, Eden and Armageddon.

I used to be a crusty punk for most of my life, while I'm nowadays a pointless graduate communication psychologist, as well as a not-bad-at-all disengaged thirty-something amateur musician.

However, in spite of what is told, I'm pretty sure one can play neofolk without being a fascist: one can even live his whole life without fighting against or in the name of any damn Thing - perhaps simply trying to love, express and live himself and his own humanity and passion, so show me where I'm wrong.

Now it's up to you to listen, and perhaps judge. As for me, as the wise said, the artist must shut up when his own work starts speaking.

(source: www.kleingott.net)