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Kostel Pastore, singer and guitarist with a mixed background of progressive and hard rock, presents us the single "And you'll ask yourself...", a pop-rock song with powerful lyrics. The song is accompanied by a guitar sound that combines articulate phrasing and energetic rhythms; its arrangements are direct and design to stimulate the listener from the very start. The release also contains an acoustic version of the track that boosts Kostel’s warm and deep voice creating a delicate vibe that enhances the meaning of the lyrics and its overall message.The track, which was originally released in Italian (original title - “Ho Visto un Uomo”), was written in English with the help of Saul Bertoletti, a UK-based song-writer and lyricist. ( L.M. European music + Saul Bertoletti)


Nadia Bonora/Kostel Pastore

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