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Krowne is a bass music, hip-hop and techno producer based in Edinburgh. Krowne is a long time DJ turn producer. Krowne first started Djing when he was 14 years old and quickly got into mixing Techno & House. Since he turned 19, Krowne began Producing and writing beats.
After moving from Ireland to Edinburgh, Krowne hooked up with blacklanternmusic and it's directors Asthmatic Astronaut, Texture, Harlequinade, & Morphamish,
and began releasing his first ep's with them. Since then Krowne has become the A&R / Distribution director of BlackLanternMusicDotCom and has released several ep's, including his latest releases,
"Krowne & Harlequinade - City of Broken Dolls" and solo ep "Creating a Monsta".
Krowne is also part of duo "Kromatic", who also features "Asthmatic Astronaut". Kromatic have 2 releases on BLM, one of which was featured on the Feb 2011 Netlabelism article/compilation. Kromatic have also played live on BBC Radio 1 Introducing Scotland.
Krowne has had several tracks featured on BBC Radio 1 as well as having 2 tracks featured in the same Netlabelism compilation in 2011. Krowne has also recently won the "Orbital -Wonky" Beatport remix competition. Krowne's remix is now available on Beatport/ADA/Warner.

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