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My brother chose to wear his wedding ring around his neck

But a ring is not even a problem

cause he used to be funny before that

what happened then in our family?

We certainly know how to take care of a smile

as a matter of fact

someone elseʼs daily life

ruined mine

Cause Iʼm still betting on me

and youʼll bet for sure on your toothpaste

but I bet it wonʼt save your laughing

hey boy you made the wrong movement

with your bishop inside the kingʼs court

open then wide

so be your smile!

also when you find

you are hiding too much behind it

I wish to bring sounds that I know

outside the earth

maybe on Saturnʼs satellite

and I will see your smile

Microfaces with smiles!!!

and I will see your micro faces again

just a little, just a little bit smaller

wearing my scarf that I use to call

oh my… my dearest “BUFANDA”

and itʼll be sheltering me

at five or six million

lightyears from the sun


Veronica Luz Sucar Fumie Masaki Dawn Martinez Antonello Cosenza Sirma Kuncheva Antonio Iapichino Giuseppe Cirino Jonatan Amato Andrea Pontone Carmen Dimitri Roberto De Rosis Serafino Zangaro Tonio Carnevale Antonia Rizzuti


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La canzone Microfaces with Smiles si trova nell'album Aru Kuro on Rhea Moon (2017) uscito nel 2017 per Routenote.

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