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Once upon a time,

in a faraway country

there lived two secret hunters who sot out hidden treasures.

As the men walked the landscape searching for mysterious charades,

they stumbled upon a house. The home was shrouded in an ancient untold cryptogram.

Curiosity overwhelms the explorers to investigate the cliffhanger domain.

Inside the dwelling, the men scan its isolated quarters.

A flashing bright light escapes under the large living room’s floorboard.

It captures the men’s attention to open the heavy passageway

to proceed underground. Step by step they descend. Their eyes adjust to the darkness.

The men scrutinize their surroundings with interest.

It takes a few moments for a blinking orb to cast its mysterious light to the strangers.

Concealed in a box, a closed simple book awaits their observation.

In snail pace, they lift the book out of the box and take it upstairs to investigate.

Bygone words of another language magically change its dialect into gold English

lettering upon the red binding.

Grinning from ear to ear the runic seekers of objects

knew they had stumbled upon one of the spiritualistic wonders

they had been searching a lifetime for.

Carefully they open the book to discover it was written by a mythical good fairy.

“The Wondrous Book of Life.”


Veronica Luz Sucar Fumie Masaki Dawn Martinez Antonello Cosenza Sirma Kuncheva Antonio Iapichino Giuseppe Cirino Jonatan Amato Andrea Pontone Carmen Dimitri Roberto De Rosis Serafino Zangaro Tonio Carnevale Antonia Rizzuti


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La canzone The Wondrous Book of Life si trova nell'album Aru Kuro on Rhea Moon (2017) uscito nel 2017 per Routenote.

Copertina dell'album Aru Kuro on Rhea Moon (2017), di LABOBROS

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