Lactis fever - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics So High



Testo della canzone

there's a bounce
from the ground
i will never repeat
it is the moment when i see your skinny legs come to me
as you want it as you want it i turn away my slicky sweet
now it's the moment for the song i write to you

cause i want you
i need you
to be calm when i'm down
shameless when there's nobody 'round

here's your voice sound “good evening everybody”
but my postcards seem to be the ones you never read

on the tv you're deceiving me
pretty girl of channel three
in this boring mid-morning here I sing

'cause I want you
I need you
to be calm when I'm down
shameless when there's nobody 'round

your voice your eyes your smile your pretty way to simulate a cry
your face is not a movie face so why you fly so high?

Album che contiene So High

album Lactis Fever - Lactis feverLactis Fever
2012 - Pop
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