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Testo della canzone

Everything is falling down
It’s funny
I can’t be serious anymore

If you’re waiting for a tear
It’s funny
‘Cause I can’t cry anymore

If you’re looking for some hot stuff
We’re so far
That I can barely say goodbye

If you’re winning all the races
You’re so lucky
that it surely won’t last forever

The sun is shining
But you don’t mind at all
You find out
that even if the World belongs to you
I belong to me
All in all honey
Your pillow ’ll be a cemetery
‘Cause even if the World belongs to you
I belong to me

I lost my body I lost my soul, my whole soul
You’ve let the events took me away
I lost my faith I lost my foulness
I’m not sure to be myself

I know that you can see the dust
Below us
And you’re ready for the dive

We just met too young

Album che contiene The Sun Is Shining

album Lactis Fever - Lactis feverLactis Fever
2012 - Pop
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