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“Bloove” is the first full-lenght for Last Movement, released February 2017 by Bloodrock Records on digipack, vinyl and digital stores and distributed by Goodfellas. It’s a perfect picture of the band’s past three years, born in their rehearsal room in Rome, refined in the studio then mixed and mastered in Bologna, with skill and taste for ambient/kraut sounds. The album has been written in different periods. Some tracks like “Hollow Harty” and “Fear/Paranoia” originate from the first years of the band, and were already featured on demos. “New Love” and “Feels like You” – previously released on 7” – have been re-arranged and re-recorded, to give a tighter sound to the album.
Evolution is indeed a keyword for this four-piece, which was born in 2011 out of the inspiration of singer and guitar player Antonio Mauro, who started to write on his own the very first songs, to be later joined by the drummer Andrea Adesso and by Luca Capone as bass player.
The self-produced (and now sold-out) 7” “New Love/Feels like You” – out in 2013 – was definitely dreampop and coldwave oriented, with clear references to the ’80s, and was followed by another single – “Your Icon” – featuring also some remixes.
Andrea left the band in mid 2013, replaced by Misa Asci. Same year Last Movement’s live schedule got busier, taking them to support cult bands like Loop, The Soft Moon, A Place to Bury Strangers, Disappears, Giobia, O’ Children and many more.
The arrival of Carlo Venezia on bass and of charismatic singer Nuri Lupi, who joined Last Movement during the album’s recording sessions, are definitive moves in building an energetic, intense and dense live set.
“Bloove” is for sure a complex, not-ordinary and various effort, contaminated by different influences and sharing Last Movement’s own vision about our times and reality. There’s a tight and natural sound in these tracks, with “space to breathe” in the background, and this is for sure the best passport for a band ready to achieve international recognition.


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