Rock Alternative Indie Grunge from Rome, Italy

Lost Dogs Laughter (LDL) was born in 2010 when Matt, voice and guitars, decided to record an acoustic version of songs he wrote in the previous months and years.
Already a guitarist and songwriter of Kubomedusa (an original Italian punk rock band with female singer), Matt asked bass player Luk to join his new project. They started a homemade recording in November 2010 and they finished their work in February 2011. For the recording of the voice tracks, they were fundamentally established with the help of Ray Sperlonga, Kubomedusa's producer and Founder of Rosary Lane, an American independent label.
The warm sounds of the acoustic and bass guitars characterize "A Modern (Acoustic) Fairy Tale", the unplugged Demo of LDL.

The live debut was @ Aut Aut Club in Rome in March 2011. Since then, Lost Dogs Laughter performed in many clubs in Italy and in various gigs around London.

It was during 2014 when the band started to move from playing acoustic to electric and wrote new material with Alessio Biondi as the drummer.
At the end of 2016 the band wrote & recorded their debut album featuring Andrea Vettor on drums and a few months later, in April 2017, Gianluca joined as their new drummer.

The album "Out Of Space" was released in May 2017 following after the release of the first single "Go Away".